Friday, 13 September 2013

Establishment of Monastic Ireland

As per the book  "Ireland's Treasures: 5000 Years of Artistic Expression," the Pope Celestine in 431 sent a man named Palladius to serve as bishop to the Irish believing in Christ. It was probably the first time in history that the papacy had agreed to send a bishop to people outside the bounds of the Roman Empire. This act would suggest there must have been a sufficient number of Christians in Ireland to warrant the sending of a bishop to provide them with pastoral care, and that gradual Christianization must surely have been happening already in the fourth century.

One of the principal characters in the Evansing novel is a warrior turned monk by the name of Percival. He has been chiseled by life to become a humble man who plays a very important mentoring role in the life of Edwin, the central hero in the book. The two men are separated by many years in age but their hearts are joined in the common purpose of pursuing The Quest of bringing unity to the fractious feuding kingdoms of Ireland. Percival plays a protective fatherly role for Edwin and is a great source of wisdom and knowledge to the young man.

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