Friday, 18 October 2013

Celtic Ireland and the Supernatural

Ireland is famous for Leprechauns, "the little people." Kelpie, a supernatural water horse was thought to haunt rivers and lochs in Ireland and Scotland. These are just two examples of many supernatural beings that are part of Celtic Ireland's storied past.

In the historical fantasy novel, "Evansing - Heart of the Irish Kingdom" there is a supernatural event that was directly linked to Edwin having killed the Druid priest, Alwyn. As a result of his courage and willingness to risk his life for others he became a target of the Tissus. He could sense from the excited barking of the tracking dogs that they had picked up his scent. Then unexpectedly he was delivered from imminent danger and introduced to a brand new life.

Life is like that sometimes. Perhaps you have done something requiring great courage and potential risk to yourself or perhaps it was an error in judgment that created a pressure situation. At first it looks like it could turn really bad for you. Then seemingly out of nowhere what looked maybe even impossible becomes resolved as though it never happened, or turns into a promising new opportunity.

"Evansing - Heart of the Irish Kingdom is available at createspace and

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