Sunday, 27 October 2013

Is Achieving Life Purpose More important than Comfort and Safety?

King Erith, the King of Evansing, had a vision to unite all the Irish kingdoms into one kingdom. This was his life purpose. He knew it would create discomfort and involved a high measure of risk to himself and his kingdom. Nevertheless he decided the purpose was worthy of the sacrifice. He required his subjects and his allies to get on board with his goal. He especially required his officers and leaders in his kingdom to be aligned with this objective. They too must at a heart level embrace the call to unite Ireland in spite of all the challenges to achieving it. They knew it meant being away from home, fighting battles, some of them would die and great resources would be expended to achieve it. Yet they considered it worth it to pursue something greater than themselves. They resolved it was a worthy pursuit and Ireland and its people would be better for it.

As it was for the Kingdom of Evansing and it's allies, so it is for every person to decide whether they want to live life focused on comfort and safety or on fulfilling their life purpose. Everyone has an inner yearning to fulfill something beyond their everyday life. Many aren't aware that that is what that gnawing is deep inside. Instead it is misdiagnosed as a need missing in their life such as a new relationship or more stuff or whatever else it takes to distract themselves from it. Everyone has been designed to fulfill their own particular purpose.
It requires pursuit.

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