Friday, 4 October 2013


As Edwin considered his options as to how to make a difference with the Tissus raiders, he received a wisdom insight. He had discerned that the raiders were feeling very confident due to them having Alwyn the Druid priest. With this insight he determined a strategy that had a high potential to win with the resources he had available to him. He knew he was an excellent archer and he had his bow and a quiver of arrows. All it would take was one arrow in Alwyn's heart. His insight proved to be correct as the death of Alwyn decimated the hopes of the Tissus for a successful invasion. Yes, they still did some attacks, but the main objective of a more extensive series of raids was eliminated. All due to one man considering how he could make a difference against a much greater force.

Insight springs up from awareness. When we realize we can make a difference in what appears to be an impossible situation we start to see with new eyes. We see resources and opportunities we never saw before. Insight can make a new level of resourcefulness possible in our lives.

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  1. Taking out the kingpin takes a great deal of courage when you are confronted with bullies and have to stand calmly in the trouble to assess your options. It is a surprisingly successful strategy for those who can do it. Excellent thought Glen...